About Us

Voots Nigeria Limited is built on a culture of care
and excellence;

Delivered through sophisticated technology
and highly experienced staff.


Voots Nigeria limited as a critical logistical link between people in the community and the general populist. Our culture is rooted in the values of delivering excellence and results, acting with honesty, integrity, fairness, and personal accountability because we understand the impact we have in changing the face of members’ lives in fundamental ways. We strive to leverage our collective strengths to deliver exceptional outcomes for members in a cost effective way that benefits everyone.


Voots Nigeria Limited , a wholly owned Business which was found since 2010 and became official licenced company on the 2nd November, 2018. With subsidiary companies listed as voots laundry  and voots logistics, which have been in operation is 2010 till date. we provide the community and the nation at large with easy and customers satisfactory services without stress, what we offer ranges from logistics services (mail delivery, goods and services delivery and quick services) and laundry (house cleaning, floor cleaning and cotton cleaning) .
Our company also supports integrated logistical programs that better care coordination efforts, improve outcomes, and ultimately reduce costs.

The company which was found by Mr. Oluwasegun Oladele who was once an operation staff of one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria for 13years and With quality and efficient team and director Mrs. Elizabeth Oladele and the company Secretary Saliu Dicko.
The company is equally on the delibration of growing on new ground by expanding into entertainment and hospitality service



Customer Care & Service

Voots Laundry Services , is a subsibary of Voots Nigeria Limited and was founded on sound principles to provide not only the best or adequate service possible, but to be known for going beyond the call of duty. Since our formation in 2010, as testament to our quality service, we have grown substantially through customer referrals. Additionally, we try to be flexible in our service offerings by providing service options for every coin laundry owner.

Further more:
Our pick and drop services come with no extra cost for customer within “surulere” and “ikoyi” locality. As we look to expend our free pick up on delivery services to other locality .

Providing Solutions

In addition to providing exceptional service to our clients, Voots Laundry Services will consult as to the layout of their facilities too. We try to provide more than expected and provide real laundry solutions based on the demographics and uniqueness of an area rather than a “one size fits all” approach. We try to look at each facility as a small community in itself and find sensible solutions to not only enhance the profitability , but to further enhance the lives of our clients as well and maximize the effectiveness of any laundry facility is our trademark.